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Kenyan Grandmothers, Travelers and One Horizon


Posted: October 22, 2020

One Horizon has been working with Kenyan grandmothers for a long time.    It may surprise many when they realize thatr social securitty pensions in Kenya are almost non-existent.  So its up to grandmas, who in Kenya are the mainstay of keeping families together, to take matters into their own hands.  That's where One Horizon, travelers and the grandmas come together.  Establishing grandmas in piggeries was their suggestion.  The training, breeding stock, pig feeds and vetineary care had to be paid someway.  And thats where One Horizon marshalled its guests who embraced the small business initiative. Their fees fund the program.  Within 14 months our grandmas are self sufficient and able to support their families.  Lives are changed and the 3 parts of this partnership all play their part.