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Rites of Passage Experiences


Posted: February 1, 2021

One Horizon is launching its Rites of Passage itineraries for 2021.  These incredible events which our guests may attend with us, are celebrations of life.  Within our Maasai communities, they signify particular milestones in life.   Because One Horizon works closely with Maasai communities and celebrates such events with them, we have been given the privilege of bringing along guests with us.  Surely the most unique and amazing insights into the life of Kenyan communities.

Many of our guests to our Maasai village will remember the engaging young warrior, Risa.   Risa is to be married in December and with this size of his clan, you can expect that many hundreds of Maasai relatives will turn up.   Risa himself has over 50 aunts and uncles and with their families its going to be a big event.  

One Horizon is able to bring 50 guests as well.  If you would like to attend this grass roots, rites of passage Maasai celebration, please contact One Horizon to expresss your interest.  The wedding is to be held between the 11th-18th of December