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Sustainable Programs for Women Which Deliver Results


Posted: December 3, 2020

One Horizon's Women's Centres are some of the most inspirational places you will ever visit.   And the programs, which assist women develop new lifestyle and vocatilonal skills, have a single focus.  That is, to keep families together.     By the time the women come into the program, its typically been an extremely difficult period for them.  Most have been abandoned by those closest to them and under the stress of little support, they are very ill both phsycially and emotionally.   But the transformation after 18 months in the program is enormous and the best thing of all, is that they are able to move forward keeping their families together.   Of course its never easy but the journey is worth it and the impact, not only on the women but on their chidlren is enormous.  Happier and healthier chidlren all around and secure in a family with a Mum whose economic empowerment has meant a birghter future for all.