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The Heroes and Heroines of Kenya


Posted: January 4, 2021

The true heroes and heroinces of Kenya are those that work tirelessly and often without funding to help people in their communities have better lives.  These people are the real heroes and heroines of their communities.   They don't attract awards, attention or even the thanks of the broader community.   But they are all incredible peoplle who put others first.  We have honoured these remarkable people in our work at One Horizon and all proceeds from the tour go to the programs that these people implement to help others.

This unique 3-day community and cultural safari will take you on insightful visits to two of the sustainable projects that One Horizon supports in Nairobi, and then into the traditional Maasai heartland to meet members of this fascinating tribe. You will team up with the various local leaders and social workers who are dedicated to improving the life of Kenyan people at both a women’s vocational and lifestyle training centre and a farm project to help grandmother-headed households. Then immerse yourself in the midst of the daily hustle and bustle of Maasai village life as you take part in the rituals of the Maasai warriors, sit with the women as they perform their daily tasks, and listen to stories and folklore told by village elders. These wonderful interactions show you day-to-day Kenyan culture and connect with people on a personal level.