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The Little Things In Life That Matter


Posted: November 26, 2020

It's the little things in life that count.  At One Horizon our guests, the travelers that we host, have contributed to giving chidlren a better start in life.  People fall into the trap of taking for granted a blanket, a clean warm bed, 3 meals a day and a place safe from abuse.  At One Horzon Africa we work hard to ensure that these 'things' around children are provided so that they have a chance at a happier beginning to their life.   We oppose the incarceration of children in orphanages,  but we do everything in our power to be able to provide a family with the things that make daily life less stressful. And we do it through the local community.   We don't own schools or anything like that.  One Horizon works through existing community facilities by providing the means to give families a fighting chance.  You too can be part of a global community that puts people first and we hope to see you one day in Kenya