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Travel Insurance and Social Purpose!


Posted: December 13, 2021

It’s not a big yawn! At One Horizon we encourage all guests to have travel insurance. That’s a no brainer! And if you can combine a travel insurance policy with a contribution to a humanitarian cause, or social purpose, then wouldn’t that be ideal? And whilst we encourage people to shop around, we would recommend you get a quote from WORLD NOMADS.  And One Horizon wants to be open about its relationship with World Nomads. For every World Nomads policy that is taken out on our website, One Horizon earns a percentage that comes back to us. These funds go towards our sustainable programs. For a not-for-profit organisation like One Horizon, it’s a great way of funding our small business programs like piggeries for grandmas, peer support programs for women and youth employment programs.  Read the article above about Ethel and it will give you a picture of what good comes from such an investment.