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When Afro Americans And Our Maasai Hosts Meet


Posted: December 24, 2020

Eighty percent (80%) of our guests who come from the USA are of Afro American origin.   That demographic has changed from 5 years ago when it was only approximately 10%.   And our Afrio American guests have provoked the inquisitiveness of our Maasai community in a big way.  And for many of our guests, the encounter with the Maasai brings into focus, their own diverse background in regard to family and all things cultural.  Some Afro Americans have also decided to return to live not only in Kenya, but in Nigeria, Uganda and East Africa in particular.  For our Maasai hosts, its been enightening and also a journey of discovery.  And without falling into simplistic cliches, its apparent that when the dancing starts,the Maasai community sees an affinity and bond which is incredible.