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When Holidays and Social Purpose Come Together



Two incredible people from the USA came to help One Horizon recently.  Our medical assessment programs for families and the most vulnerable needed to refocus in the light of the COVID pandemic.  Cindy (who has had broad experience in medicine) and Steven came on board for a week with us recently.   One Horizon’s program had been compromised by the pandemic and we determined that a review was required.

For 5 days Cindy and Steven toiled incredibly hard in providing assessments and advice to the current approaches required to overcome current health challenges of our most vulnerable.  And the advice, in conjunction with our local health professionals, will now be used t  o determine the path to restoring the health and vitality of the most vulnerable in our communities.  A collaborative effort which will assist us in helping children smile again and in reducing the anxiety of parents.  A big thank you to Cindy and Stephen who are also enjoying their honeymoon as well.   Thank you so much for your incredible work.