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Wild Planet Adventures Provides Privileged Access to Rare Wildlife in Costa Rica

Story by Wild Planet Adventures

Posted: February 7, 2013

Asis volunteer

Wildlife viewing specialist Wild Planet Adventures (WPA - which in 1991 set the bar for sustainable, up-close and extraordinary wildlife encounters in Costa Rica, has enhanced its 14-day Ultimate Wildlifetour itinerary with a hands-on wildlife voluntourism experience.

During a half-day visit at the Asis Wild Animal Rescue Center guests roll up their sleeves and participate in the care, feeding, and play with monkeys, sloth, toucans and more. Guest fees go to rehabilitating injured animals back into the wild.

The Ultimate Wildlife 14-Day Tour cost $4,598 per person, double occupancy. A nine-day program is also available from $2,998 per person double. Remaining 2013 season departures are Apr 13, Jun 29, July 6, 13, 20, 27, Dec 14, 21. Departures from December through March have sold out, so travelers are urged to reserve quickly.

The itinerary visits up to eight national parks and reserves for unparalleled animal sightings, plus whitewater rafting, cloudforest canopy tours, volcanoes, hot-springs, beaches on both coasts and more.  By the second day of this wildlife extravaganza, travelers typically have seen as many as 25 wild sloth and 15 troops of monkeys or more, as well as many rare and endangered animals. The trip includes multiple crescendos including sea kayaking with dolphins, snorkeling at night in bioluminescence, night hikes for nocturnal animals, a scarlet macaw migration, and the world-famous Aviaros Sloth Rescue Center, featured on Animal Planet and the Discovery Channel, where guests interact with wildlife experts feeding and nurturing newborn sloths.

According to Josh Cohen, founder/owner, one of the best times for seeing wildlife is during a short but annually predictable break in the rainy season from late June to early August, a season known as Veranito or Little Summer in Costa Rica.

“This is a time when Costa Rica Ultimate Wildlife Eco-Tour exceeds expectations,” Cohen said, “We tend to see more volume of wildlife –and more rare and endangered species—in July than any other time of year.” Wildlife lovers may spot such cats as jaguarundi, puma, ocelot; primates including howler, capuchin, spider and squirrel monkeys;  Tamandua (anteater), tapir, coati, tyra, iguana, turtles, caiman, sloths, red-eyed tree frogs, glass frogs, poison dart frogs and basilisk “Jesus Christ” lizards (who appear to walk on water). Bird species number over 900.

About Wild Planet Adventures

The expert wildlife guides of Wild Planet Adventures go the extra mile to explore remote wildlife habitat and study wildlife patterns in destinations not often accessible to the general public. Thanks to the company’s comprehensive itineraries that balance diverse and complex ecosystems and habitats, guests enjoy wildlife and game viewing that is carefully aligned with animals’ seasonal, daily and nocturnal migrations.

Following a philosophy that interacting with nature has the power to transform lives, tours are conducted in Africa, Baja, Belize, Borneo, Brazil, Costa Rica, Galapagos, India, Laos, Nepal, Panama, Peru, Thailand and Zambia. Wild Planet Adventures is recognized by top publications in the travel industry for its itineraries that combine intimate encounters with wildlife and local culture.

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