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Wild Planet Adventures’ Wildlife Safaris Offer Great Value for Summer Travel Plus Superb Exotic Wildlife Viewing

Story by Wild Planet Adventures

Posted: June 24, 2014

Animal-loving travelers looking to get the most value for their dollar this summer will be excited to learn of Wild Planet Adventures’ summer trips.  For 23 years Wild Planet Adventures has offered award-winning wildlife eco-tours designed especially for wildlife enthusiasts, featuring interactions with animals, value-packed itineraries, small groups and destinations teeming with wildlife.

Here are several wildlife trips that offer exceptional values for travelers this summer:

A mother and her baby

Costa Rica Ultimate Wildlife Eco-Tour is an all-inclusive (except airfare) wildlife eco-tour with 13 admissions to national parks and attractions (nearly twice that of any operator in Costa Rica); all meals (rare in any itinerary) and no “free days” (guests don’t have to shell out more bucks for activities on those days because all activities are included.

With so much included, one might think this tour was designed with lots of high volume/low cost filler, but the opposite is true. This award-winning wildlife eco-tour is packed with exclusive wildlife activities, remote destinations (including eight national parks and wildlife reserves), high-end naturalist guides, interactions with animals, wildlife experts and scientific researchers, and wildlife destinations on both coasts such as Corcovado National Park, the world-famous Sloth Sanctuary, a hands-on wildlife rescue center, rafting and floating on two rivers, canopy tours, beaches, volcanoes, hot springs, sea-kayaking with dolphins, snorkeling at night in the bioluminescence and much more.

Tours of 14-days, 10-days and 9-days are flexibly designed for adults and families of all ages, and start at $343/person/day (one of the lowest per-day costs of any award-winning operator in this class).  Hot tip: In July, the Veranito “little summer” phenomenon offers some of the best wildlife viewing of the year, and coincides with cooler weather and lower airfares.

Panama Ultimate Wildlife Eco-Tour offers the best of both worlds when half the family wants a relaxing beach vacation and the other half wants exciting activities like whitewater rafting, canopy zip tours and kayaking the Panama Canal. Hot tip: Panama’s 1,500 islands offer some of the best snorkeling in the world. In fact, the barrier reef around the archipelago of Bocas Del Toro is part of the same barrier reef as Belize, but unlike Belize, the Panama reef is completely outside the hurricane belt, and therefore in much better condition.  Prices start at only $2,498 for eight days, plus domestic flights.

Peru: Amazon and Machu Picchu – Families love the cultural experience of Machu Picchu, Cusco and the Sacred Valley combined with the best wildlife viewing in the Amazon Rainforest. Featured is Manu Biosphere Reserve, the #1 park in the world for biodiversity, with over 200 species of mammals, including 13 species of primates, and 1,000 species of birds. Also included is Tambopata Biosphere Reserve, which is home to the world’s largest macaw and parrot clay lick. Wild Planet Adventures offers an exclusive opportunity to float downstream at dawn looking for jaguar and tapir as they come down to the river to drink at dawn. Another signature Wild Planet activity is an exclusive expedition to see pygmy marmosets, the world’s smallest (and cutest!) primate. Hot Tip: The world’s largest macaw and parrot clay lick peaks in activity from mid-August through the end of October. At this time travelers can see upwards of 1,000 birds at a time (five species of macaws and 15 species of parrots and parakeets). The sky is literally full of color and sound. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime spectacle of nature!

Brazil – On the Jaguar’s Trail: Pantanal to the Amazon starts in the Pantanal, the world’s largest wetlands, home to the largest concentration of jaguars on earth. Wild Planet averages 1.5 (sometimes as many as seven) jaguar sightings per day in the virtually unknown Taiama Ecological Reserve. The sightings are often for extended periods of time as the jaguar hunt caiman by the riverside.  The wide variety of safari activities are ideal for active families and include hiking, boating, horseback riding and jeep explorations for up-close sightings of giant otter, hyacinth macaws, giant anteater and anaconda. A unique feature of Wild Planet's Brazil trips is seeing the transition of eco-systems from the Pantanal – the world’s largest wetlands-- to the Amazon, the world’s largest rainforest. In the Amazon, Wild Planet has arranged an exclusive Primate Program designed by a primatologist to see rare Amazonian primates from our base at an award-winning Amazon lodge.

Borneo - Draco Flying Lizard

Borneo –Weird & Wonderful Wildlife Safari -- As wildlife specialists, Wild Planet Adventures carefully combines several unusual and remote eco-systems with exclusive activities, comprehensive environmental education and high-end local naturalist guides to create the absolute best possible wildlife experience currently available in Borneo, including not just commonly sought-after encounters with orangutans (both in the wild and at an orangutan sanctuary) but also special expeditions to see proboscis monkeys, pygmy elephants, Borneon gibbons, tarsiers, slow loris and Borneo’s famous “gliders”.  The trip ends at a water bungalow on stilts at Sipadan reef, one of the top five snorkel and dive sites in the world.

Zambia "Ensemble of Master Guides” Ultimate African Safari Wild Planet Adventures’ combination of jeep, walking and canoe safaris offers the broadest diversity of game and the most comprehensive wildlife safari possible anywhere in Africa. As the birthplace of walking safaris,Zambia has the highest standards of guiding anywhere inAfrica. It’s astounding to experience the bush with these legendary guides and to witness their amazing tracking skills. This itinerary combines the remote Nsefu sector of South Luagwa National Park, untraveled Kafue National Park, and Mana Pools Canoe & Walking Safari – all with Master Guides!

Low, Air Consolidator Rates: Flights and activities become less expensive when purchased in bulk. When traveling with Wild Planet, passengers can take advantage of Wild Planet’s long-standing relationships with flight consolidators for special rates, including bulk fares that are unpublished even on the internet. By booking a tour, Wild Planet Adventure guests will also be helping to preserve the local cultures and wildlife of the region they choose to visit at a time when help is most needed. Portions of the profit from each tour directly support positive and enriching community endeavors. For more information visit