You choose. How would you like the day to begin?

Story by Adventure & Fun Albania

Posted: June 12, 2018

For some of the planned tours, you are offered every day two different programs that run in parallel, and you can choose spontaneously between the two at the beginning of each day. You can choose according to your physical condition or your desires.

These are in particular:

- Tours in the South of the country, where a group can exercise alpine activity, while the rest can choose between short walks or just having fun and relaxing at the shores of the Ionian Sea.

- Tours to the Albanian Alps where part of the group can choose long and difficult activities, and the rest can choose short and leisurely walks.

  1. The bewitching summits of Valbona: two optional hiking/walking tours

This tour takes place in the Valbona Valley and the surrounding mountains. The national park of 8,000 hectares, is one of the most beautiful natural areas of Albania situated in the eastern part of the Albanian Alps. The Valley is an ideal place for walking and hiking. Magnificent mountain slopes, which go sharp down to the valley, rise on both sides. This is a hidden place, waiting to be discovered.

  • Hiking in the romantic Valbona Valley
  • Opportunity to choose between two alternative programs
  • An unforgettable trip through the picturesque Lake Koman
  • Summit ascent possibilities: Rosi 2523 m, Çet Harusha 2422 m, Jezerca 2694 m
  • The vibrant capital Tirana, Petrela Castle and Dajti mountain
  • Return trip through Kosovo
  • Accommodation in hotels, guest houses, and tents

  1. Boat tour and trekking by the coast: the holiday of your choice

This is a journey between sea and mountain, during which you will have the opportunity to hike on the most beautiful mountains along the Ionian coast and enjoy the wonderful sea. On days 3-5, you will be offered two different programs, which run in parallel, and you can choose any of them, spontaneously, at the beginning of each day. While one of them is more difficult, the other is easier and convenient for those who want to enjoy the sea rather than a long hike.

  • Walking along the Ionian Coast and hiking through the National Park of Llogara
  • Memorable boat trip around the Karaburun Peninsula and along the Ionian Coast.
  • Opportunity to choose between two alternative programs
  • Visits of various villages along the coast: Dhërmi, Ngjipe, Himara, Porto Palermo
  • Opportunities to swim in the Ionian Sea and to enjoy the serenity and privacy of its bays
  • The ancient and modern city of Durrës, a visit to its amphitheater and Vlora
  • Accommodation in hotels