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Building Blocks To Help Make Life Better


Posted: November 3, 2020

One Horizon works to improve the lives of fchildren by undertaking an active program around the infrastructure that will help children move forward as healthy, educated and well adjusted children.  Our work entails building classrooms so that chidlren can attend and learn in well ventalated buildings,   We have also built many ablution blocks because about 50% of childhoold illnesses and hospital visits are the result of poor sanitation in villages and communities.  And then, by our ability to attract donations, we ensure that children's school fees are paid and that they have the necessary things to compete on an equal footing.   As an organisation we don't take travelers to visit schools as we believe this is disruptive and demeaning to the chidlren,  But we do ensure that their environment is conducive to learning.  In this we have the support of Nairobi County Government.