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How to Wear a Yukata

Video by Oku Japan


When wearing a Yukata gown, it is important to pull the right side of the gown around your body first, then place the left side over the top – If you do the reverse, you are unwittingly following a funeral practice!

A Yukata is a casual type of kimono.  They are often seen today at summer festivals.  The Yukata gowns provided for overnight guests at Japanese inns are simple to wear and comfortable for eating dinner, relaxing in your room and exploring the inn and its vicinity.  The provision of theses Yukata gowns is a boon for travellers, as there’s no need to carry a change of clothing to wear in the evening and luggage can be kept to a minimum.

In this video, Yumiko, our longest-serving guide, demonstrates how to wear a yukata.