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Its Happening Now


Posted: January 20, 2022

It’s Happening Now is a tour in the Magical Kenya Signature Experience Collection – a curated, unique, authentic and exceptional once-in-a-lifetime Kenyan travel experiences accredited by the Kenya Tourist Board (KTB).

On this 5-day tour we invite you to become involved in the social purpose programs that One Horizon supports.  These are helping Kenya’s most challenged communities towards brighter futures. You will visit an innovative city farm, and a women’s empowerment project, where you will have an opportunity to meet and engage with various members of the communities who are making wonderful progress in creating a better life. This will give you a fascinating insight into Kenyan culture that few tourists ever experience and connecting with people on a personal level. Also on this experience, you will visit a traditional Maasai village to learn about village life and enjoy a spot of hippo watching on a relaxing day and boat trip on beautiful Lake Naivasha.  For further information and bookings follow this link.