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Palau: Snorkeling & Kayaking Odyssey

Video by Boundless Journeys

Posted: December 2, 2017

The island nation of Palau could well be the most beautiful place you’ve never heard of. And therein lies its allure. Three major ocean currents feed this pristine archipelago in the western Pacific, making it a fertile marine garden whose turquoise waters boast quadruple the reef diversity of Caribbean waters. As island idylls go, Palau tops our Boundless Journeys’ list for its secluded coves, marine lakes, and unmatched snorkeling among magical coral and sunken World War II relics. An outdoor sport such as kayaking can really be a great exercise.

Boundless Journeys reveals all the dreamy visions you would expect in paradise—think swaying coconut palms, silky sand beaches, and darting clownfish—plus many you wouldn’t (like non-stinging jellyfish, a saltwater waterfall, and a water oasis full of unusually social reef sharks). Explore inlets and mangrove forests by kayak where our kayaks are inflatable. Visit island villages of palm-roof huts. Shower under crashing waterfalls. Duck into magical sea caves and hidden bays. Never heard of Palau? After your trip with Boundless Journeys, you’ll never forget it!