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Rafting in Europe

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Osumi's Canyons,Albania

Osumi Canyons is not only one of the Best Tours in Albania, but also an incredible monument of nature. For all the outdoor lovers,...

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New Line of Itineraries

Visit our All Tours At a Glance page to see the new line of itineraries. Our experiences are getting slower and deeper. Our Food &...

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Wild Women Expeditions’ Jennifer Haddow Addresses Changing Priorities of Women-Only Travel Clients

The company that is blazing new trails for women-only travel keeps a close eye on the changing priorities of its female clientele. “Their...

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Wild mountains & rivers adventure - Last minute Discount 100€/person!!

Wild mountains & rivers adventureHave you even been to a place, unknown to most of the world, but so beautiful and magical, that...

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Journeys International Offers New Family Adventure Trips

Ann Arbor, MI - Two new summer 2014 tours to Belize and the Czech Republic stand out among the dozens of international family travel...

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