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Camino Real del Carrizal

Connect with a 500-year-old path named Real or Royal as the indigenous Mucuchíes, Timotes and Quicas used to commercialize in the...

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Bolívar Peak

The route to the top of Pico Bolivar is both spectacular in its beauty and challenging in its ruggedness. Following the Humboldt trek,...

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Roraima Tepuy

Hike Roraima Tepuy and discover the amazing tabletop mountains from South America, which inspired Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous novel...

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Los Roques

Spend an unforgettable beach vacation in Los Roques, one of the most pristine and beautiful white sand beaches in the world! It is...

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Angel Falls

With its 979 meters of free fall, Angel Falls is the highest waterfall in the World! This unique cascade is located at Canaima National...

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Vaya Adventures Guides Guests to Off the Beaten Path Trails in Popular South American Destinations

Oftentimes there are off the beaten path surprises right next to the places where the masses are congregating, and it’s finding those...

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