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Adventure Photos


Enjoy Sunset of Siguniang Mountain at Maobiliang in West Sichuan
Guairu Festival in Lixian, Aba, West Sichuan, Southwest China
Panorama of Gongga Mountain from Yaha Pass
Mask Dance Festival during Summer Prayer at Tsurpu Monastery, Lhasa, Tibet
Niubei Mountain, One of the Best Locations for Shooting Gongga Mountain
Traditional Tibetan White Houses in Xiangcheng, Kham, Ganzi, West Sichuan, Southwest China
Yuanyang Terraces in Honghe, South Yunnan, Southwest China
Walking and Community - The Ultimate Eco Experience
Langmu Si Monastery (Taktsang Lhamo) in Amdo, South Gansu, West China
The First Bend of the Yellow River at Tangke Village in Amdo, Aba, West Sichuan, Southwest China
Tiebu Nature Reserve for Sichuan Sika Deer in Ruo'ergai, Aba, Northwest Sichuan, West China
Amnye Machen Mountain in Amdo, Golok, Qinghai, West China