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Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka Revisited :: Teacher Guest Post

"There is no country in the world that has attracted the attention of authors in so many distant ages and of so many different countries...

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UNESCO World Heritage Sites :: Why They're Important (and Why You Should Go)

You’re in a conversation about travel and gushing about some of the most beautiful places on Earth.... How long before a UNESCO...

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Sri Lanka :: Culture & Cuisine Must-Dos

Think “island vacation,” and Sri Lanka might not be the first destination that pops into your head. Yoga Sri Lanka...

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Non-Essential Travel Essentials

Packing light is an art form and we salute anyone who achieves it (we try but don’t always succeed…ha). But, if you’re...

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Sri Lanka Travel : Wishes & Intentions

by Debbi Murphy (April 13-24, 2019 Sri Lanka Yoga Retreat teacher) “What do you remember most about your trip?” I...

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G Adventures Acquires TruTravels

U.K.-based TruTravels will retain its leadership and brand identity, with focus on Gen-Z and young millennial travelers Boston, MA...

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G Adventures’ Reveals its Top 12 Destinations For 2019 Travel

"The Adventurer's Dozen" list includes Taiwan and Senegal, two new destinations for the award-winning tour operator Boston, MA--...

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SpiceRoads Cycling Rolls Out E-bikes In Vietnam & Sri Lanka

In response to the growing market and customer demand for e-bikes, SpiceRoads Cycling, Asia's leading cycle tour operator, has introduced...

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E-Bike Touring Arrives in Asia

E-Bikes are set to make a big impact in bicycle adventure travel this year, and Grasshopper Adventures is pioneering the trend in Asia,...

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Eight Trending Trips For 2018 – What Will Be The Hottest Destinations Of Next Year?

KE Adventure Travel gives an expert opinion on where adventure travelers will be vacationing in 2018.Alex Greenwood, Head of Development...

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Where to Adventure: 2018

G Adventures Shares Top 10 Destinations for the American Adventure Traveler in the New YearFrom destinations on the rebound, to places...

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G Adventures Exclusively Adds Sri Lanka Sailing for 2018

A tripling of global demand for trips to Sri Lanka in the past year has led small-group adventure operator G Adventures to launch a...

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