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Rites of Passage Experiences

One Horizon is launching its Rites of Passage itineraries for 2021. These incredible events which our guests may attend with...

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New Line of Itineraries

Visit our All Tours At a Glance page to see the new line of itineraries. Our experiences are getting slower and deeper. Our Food &...

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The Heroes and Heroines of Kenya

The true heroes and heroinces of Kenya are those that work tirelessly and often without funding to help people in their communities...

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When Afro Americans And Our Maasai Hosts Meet

Eighty percent (80%) of our guests who come from the USA are of Afro American origin. That demographic has changed from...

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Sherpas, the Everest Heroes- An introduction

Sherpa’s are traditionally Tibetan Buddhists and their culture is still very much alive within their area. They are very spiritual...

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China Tibet Adventure Travel

Warm greeting from Chengdu, Sichuan, the hometown of panda! Welcome to Lhasa, Tibet! I'm Liao Zhongqiang, the founder of China Chengdu...

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Sustainable Programs for Women Which Deliver Results

One Horizon's Women's Centres are some of the most inspirational places you will ever visit. And the programs, which assist...

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The Little Things In Life That Matter

It's the little things in life that count. At One Horizon our guests, the travelers that we host, have contributed to giving...

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Building Classrooms is a Practical Way to Help

A portion of the work that One Horizon undertakes is building the infrastructure in communities in Kenya so that people can leverage...

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Kenyan Grandmothers, Travelers and One Horizon

One Horizon has been working with Kenyan grandmothers for a long time. It may surprise many when they realize thatr social...

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Kenya’s Covid Results Give Rise for Optimism

Kenya’s COVID Results Give Rise for Optimism When Kenya implemented strict lockdown procedures in the early days of the epidemic,...

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Women With New Skills Keep Families Together

In Kenya, 52% of all wage earners are women. However in many circumstances the ability of women to earn a reliable and regular...

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