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Accommodations in Japan

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Nabe, Winter Food

For those into Japanese cuisine, words like Sushi, Sashimi, and Tempura surely ring a bell. What most people don’t know is that Japan...

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Saizenin Shukubo, Mount Koya

Mount Koya has been a place of religious devotion and ceremony since the 9th century when Kobo Daishi founded the first temple and...

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Oyado Tanaka Ryokan, Wajima

This traditional Ryokan, an old-fashioned, multi-story house, is beautifully maintained and furnished, with amazing local lacquerware...

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Dogo Onsen - Japan’s oldest hot-spring in Matsuyama

Japan’s fourth-largest island of Shikoku is home to some of the country’s most spectacular and undeveloped scenery. The island...

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Magome - The Nakasendo Trail

Fire destroyed most of Magome village in 1895, but the resilient community rebuilt. At the entrance to the village, you will see the...

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Tokiwa-so Ryokan

Tokiwa-so is a traditional family-run inn, located in the heart of Dogo Onsen. The original innkeeper was also an avid fisherman and...

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Onsen hot springs in Japan

Onsen hot springs have soothed the Japanese body and soul for at least two thousand years. Blessed with over 3,000 named hot springs,...

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Sachiya Ryokan

Tucked along a quite alleyway, just around the corner from the renowned Dogo Onsen main bathhouse, sits Sachiya Ryokan. Sachiya is...

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Exquisite thatched-roof country lodge stay

Cultural and spiritual immersion in uniquely Japanese surroundingsIn the north-east of Nara prefecture, Fukano was designated as "One...

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Inn Spotlight: Oku no Yado Chikatsuyu

We offer the opportunity for our guests to stay in our Kumano Kodo branch, which is a lovely traditional wooden building located along...

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