Inspiring Impactful Travel

Doing Good while traveling is all about choices. Choosing the right destinations, the right operators and the right guides. At Adventure.Travel the destinations and operators offering adventure travel work everyday to ensure that their businesses are fulfilling a mission to be more sustainable, to protect environment and wildlife and people (see our About Us). They are not perfect. No one is. But each and every business and person has a heart to make a difference in this world by doing good and doing it through travel.

Explore projects that our community has initiated and get involved. Or, do your part by simply traveling with companies that have sustainability and values at the forefront.

Dyer Island Conservation Trust
The Travel Oregon Forever Fund
The Cairn Foundation (Stiftelsen Varde)
Vicente Mamallacta Intercultural School
Save the Tiger
Amity Tours Conservation Outreach
Kuyapa Foundation
The OneSeed Microfinance Fund
Eposak Foundation
AquaTerra Charity Trust (ACT)
Buy a Trip, Give a Trip
Crooked Trails Healthy Kitchens in Peru
The Palapa Society of Todos Santos, A.C.
Catherine's Coffee House
Ecology Project International
World Bicycle Relief
U.S. Bicycle Route System
Hope Through Opportunity - Tanzania
African Conservation Experience
The Footprints Network
Education For All - Morocco
Green Pathways Tours Nicaragua
Lo Gyalpo Jigme Foundation Partnership
Funding Of Wildlife Conservation Research Projects
Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy
The Greenlife Fund
Travelers Against Plastic (TAP)
READ Global
Bay Area Wilderness Training